About us

Diagrama is transforming the lives of vulnerable children, adults and families all over the UK. And we’re dedicated to making a lasting difference to everyone we support.

Supporting brighter futures through adoption and fostering

At Diagrama, we aim to give everyone we support a sense of self-worth and confidence to reach their potential. Finding a vulnerable child a new home. Helping people with a learning disability take part in their local community. Offering education and support. Everything we do is about making people feel safe and giving them confidence to flourish in life.

We recognise that children who need to be fostered or adopted come from a range of different backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities. Sometimes they are babies or infants, often they are older children. Some will be on their own, others part of a family group. Some will have special needs or disabilities; others will have less obvious needs.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide a life-long commitment to all these children. We work to support and empower families and adults to provide homes which enable children to feel safe, secure, attached and inspired.